Rodgers MS-356B installed at
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church

December 23, 2011

Nova Scotia Symphony

We are pleased to announce our most recent project involving a new Rodgers MS-356B custom organ console interfaced with the historic pipe organ at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Toronto. While the project involves the restoring of the front display pipes of the organ, a complete cleaning and refurbishing of the pipe organ's mechanisms and pipes, and a complete rewiring of the organ, interfacing it with the new Rodgers console. When completed the pipe organ will have a new lease on life with the Rodgers console controlling the organ's 40 ranks of wind-blown pipes. In addition, the Rodgers console will round out the specification with additional digital pipe organ voices which will increase the instrument's versatility to meet the demands both today and into the future. The contract was signed with Robert Lowrey's Piano Experts of Toronto, the Rodgers representatives for the GTA, with the restoration work being carried out by Robert Smit, Carlos Nunes, and their associates.

The Globe & Mail has been following the progress of this project and recently featured a story with an article, video and pictures. Click below to learn more:

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